The Inside Column 5/8

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A very warm welcome to you all.

Wasn’t it wonderful last Sunday to have our two congregations worshipping  together in order to give thanks for what God is doing in our various ministries and to commit ourselves to what he wants to do in the future.

He has a plan for us here in Stoke and we need to be praying, listening, encouraging and seeking his will as to what we each can do individually to make a difference in our community.

Identifying those who are in need is a good place to be listening to what God might want to do and Jonathan’s work with Stoke youth needs our committed prayers.

In my role as Rest Homes Pastoral Care coordinator, I am aware of the increasing proportion of rest home residents who have been de-churched or who have had little or no contact with the church throughout their lives. Nowadays we need to be seeing rest homes as more of a mission field than as groups of  established Christians. We have a wonderful group of willing people who visit parishioners in rest homes and of course we have Jill Smith as our Chaplain at Whareama and we are so grateful for their ministry.

Some months ago, I read a report on aged care produced by the Government and Grey Power that stated that many elderly in rest homes suffer from loneliness and depression. I was moved with compassion and I thought …  wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could brighten up the lives of those who suffer in this way not only by loving them but also by bringing them the message of hope that we are privileged to have in the Gospel? I thought to myself, what would Jesus have us do?

I have some thoughts about how we can improve our pastoral care and ministry to rest homes and I would love to hear from you as well; a few people have already approached me.

Together we can make a difference to those who need Jesus’ love and hope in their lives


Yours in Christ



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