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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

Today we start a new series looking at some of the big theological themes that run through the Bible. This morning we will be looking at the Fall, and next week Creation.

“Why?” you may ask. In a book I have been reading it describes the post-modern thinking that is more and more infecting our western world, as follows:

There is no grand reason, only reasons. There is no privileged civilization, only a multiple of cultures, beliefs, periods, and styles. There is no grand narrative of human progress, only countless stories of where people and their cultures are now. There is no simple reality or any grand objectivity of universal, detached knowledge, only a ceaseless representation of everything in terms of everything else.

We live in a pluralistic world where, amongst the smorgasbord of lifestyles and opinions, it seems that everything goes, and the greatest sin is that of intolerance of someone else’s belief or behaviour.

This is where having a sound Biblical theology for what we believe and why we believe, is very useful. There are numerous ideas and misunderstandings about what it means to be a Christian out in the world, so it is important of us to be able to give a good biblical reason for our faith – not that we profess to have all the answers.

Don’t forget to get your questions in by Wednesday for Graham O’Brien On the Couch next Sunday and let’s ask God to open our minds to the new things of God.

Please keep Bishop Richard in our prayers this week as he and his team are at General Synod for the next week. With some challenging issues on the table for discussion, it would be good to cover them in prayer.

Hope the holidays are treating you well and you are getting to spend some special times with your children, grand children and family.


Yours in Christ


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