The Inside Column 24/6

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

I am writing this early in the week as I will have been at Synod for the second part of the week. Fun, Fun, Fun!

For those of you that don’t know what Synod is, it is the yearly gathering of all the Anglican churches in the Nelson Diocese. A big AGM! I think there about 23 churches in the top part of the South Island and each church has three members that represent them.

Our Synod reps are David Featherstone, Stephen Tanner and Angela Galbraith, all of whom will be happy to talk to you about what happened at this year’s Synod.

Good news, great news, brilliant news…

As many of you will know, we as a church have been working hard on bring the Church finances in check. For several reasons we as a church had built up a Substantial debt to the Diocese. This of course was causing the finance team and the vestry some anxiety. We have all been praying hard about the church’s finances and for the last couple of months we have been holding steady. Well, this week we received a very generous and anonymous donation of $10.000 that will go a long way to getting our finances back in line. This is firstly and foremost an answer to prayer, and a great encouragement to me and to the whole team.

This week we have also received $500 from the proceeds of the Ladies Guild recent sales, and another $2000 in one off donations from Parishioners. Time and time again I have seen God provide for our needs and yet I am still amazed when things like this happen. Thanks be to God.

We still have a way to go to get out of our debt, and at the end of next month (July the 29th ) we will be having a breakfast, and a combined service. The service will be part of the Vision and Gift day to address the rest of the need. But let’s give thanks that we have a truly amazing God—and people who listen and hear his voice!

Remember the prayer meeting Tuesday mornings from 7.00am till 8.00. You are welcome to come for the whole meeting or just as long as you can. Join us as we pray for our church, community, world and each other.

Have a great week!

Yours in Christ


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