The Inside Column 10/6

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

In my Bible readings lately I have seen that we are to be a people of thankfulness in all we do and say. It can be easy for us to look for the negative in things, but we must give thanks for all that God is doing in our lives and in other people’s lives, and for the things he is going to do. It says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17- 18…

Pray continually; give thanks in all
circumstances, for this is God’s will for
you in Christ Jesus.

Thankfulness is not something that comes naturally for many of us and is something we have to work on and learn.

I have often reflected about the time my old Vicar Sandy Miller came back from holidays with a big scratch in his new car door. I ask his how it happened he said was very thankful for the scratch because it had happened as he was pulling into his mothers drive way in Scotland.

Now every time he saw the scratch it reminded him of his mum and the place where he was born, and for this he was very thankful.

We are told to give thanks in all situations and circumstances. I wonder how many of us can truly say we do. A good place to start is to give thanks for all the little things that happen in our lives, not just to take them for granted, things like running water, clean air, a roof over our head, these are all things to be very thankful for.

Talking of being thankful… We have Synod in a couple of weeks. Please pray for this, there is not much on the agenda this year, but this can be when random things from someone’s personal agenda can come up. Pray for Richard as he leads us. Please pray that he will be aware of the will of God, particularly during this difficult time for him with Hillary and her cancer treatment.

Yours in Christ


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