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A very warm welcome to all this Sunday morning.

We recently looked at spiritual disciplines and how to live a deeper, more spiritual life right where we are.

John Ortberg’s book The Life You’ve Always Wanted – Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People, is a recommended read for those who wish to explore this topic more.

The heart of Christianity is transformation — a relationship with God that impacts not just our “spiritual lives,” but every aspect of living. John Ortberg calls readers back to the dynamic heartbeat of Christianity — God’s power to bring change and growth — and reveals both the how and why transformation.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted offers modern perspectives on the ancient path of the spiritual disciplines. But this is more than just a book about things to do to be a good Christian. It’s a road map toward true transformation that starts not with the individual but with the object of the journey — Jesus Christ.

As with a marathon runner, the secret to winning the race lies not in trying harder, but in training consistently — training with the spiritual disciplines.

The disciplines are neither taskmasters nor an end in themselves. Rather they are exercises that build strength and endurance for the road of growth. The fruit of the Spirit—joy, peace, kindness, etc.— are the signposts along the way.

Paved with humour and sparkling anecdotes, The Life You’ve Always Wanted is an encouraging and challenging approach to a Christian life that’s worth living — a life on the edge that fills an ordinary world with new meaning, hope, change, and joy.

Yours in Christ


Life you've always wanted

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