The Inside Column 8/4

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Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

A very warm welcome to all this Easter Sunday.

We read in the Old Testament, the people of God were delivered from slavery in Egypt under Pharoah. Through Jesus’ life and death, deliverance from even deeper powers which enslave our lives is offered to all who will receive him.

We can only call Good Friday, Good Friday because we understand it in the light of Easter Sunday – the day of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus helps us understand what was truly happening at the cross. As a former Archbishop of Canterbury wrote, “The crucifixion is not a defeat needing the resurrection to reverse it. It’s a victory which the resurrection quickly follows and seals.”

Of course, the resurrection of Jesus isn’t something that is instinctively easy to believe. The author Lesslie Newbigin wrote, “It is not difficult to believe in a good man who was condemned and put to death. But that three days later he was alive and radiant and inspiring his disciples to a new worldwide mission? That runs against everything in our experience.”

The Christian Church has always maintained that what happened on that Easter day was a new kind of creation, the beginning of a new era for the world. The first fruit of God’s intention to recreate the whole cosmos according to his glorious purpose. The big question for you and me is “Will we let the risen king daily raise us to new life with him?”

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Yours in Christ


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