St Barnabas Vicar Edrick Corban-Banks resigns

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An open letter from Edrick Corban-Banks:

To the Vestry and parishioners,

Anglican Parish of Stoke, 21 February 2012

Over the past six years I have had the privilege of watching Phil Greenwood grow in stature as a leader. I feel that the time has come to step aside in order let Phil take up the reins for that which God has obviously been preparing him.

Recently Richard wrote a reference for me , and his words sum up the direction I could see we were heading 6 years ago, and to where we have arrived.

One incident might reflect Edrick better than my generalisations. Phil was a young married man with a passion for ministry. Two clergy he worked with could see no potential in Phil and basically washed their hands of him.

Edrick, however, saw the potential and took him under his wing and encouraged him and ‘gave him permission’ to learn and grow. Phil went on to complete his degree in ministry while working with Edrick and with the support of the parish. He would now be one of my brightest and talented young clergy in my Diocese.

And he wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for Edrick!
I hope this reference reflects my deep respect for Edrick.

Clare and I have deeply loved our time here and believe that we have managed to achieve a major and significant spiritual transition in the worshipping life of this parish and to put in place a succession plan that will further develop the parish to the next stage of growth. My season is over and it is now Phil’s time. He has been prepared for this transition and will be able to build on that foundation. This is right and is scriptural and is a major transition for the parish into a church that is ready to embrace the challenges of today. We are grateful to the many folk who have stood alongside us through that transition. It has been a place where our family have been welcomed and have found an outlet for their ministries. We will always be very grateful to this parish. It is the passing of the mantle that I preached about a few weeks ago.

In order to enable this transition to happen smoothly in the light of the current financial difficulties I am making my resignation effective from Wednesday 29th February 2012. This is being done with the full support of the Bishop and the Diocese.

We are now taking time to seek God’s guidance as to what shape our ministry might take. This is both exciting and a little scary, so we ask for your prayers.

And I continue to offer to the Bishop all my loyalty and commitment.

With all our love

Edrick Signature




Your friend and Vicar

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