The Inside Column 04/03

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all this morning.

We start a new series today on the Spiritual Disciplines with Mairion Goodman laying the foundations. Over the next seven Sundays (with a little break for Easter) we will be preaching on different disciplines.

Part of the goal of the preaching series is not only for you to learn about the different disciplines but to give them a go. Can I encourage as many of you as possible to give these things a go, you can as a home group, or as individuals. The important thing is to give them a go. The Purpose of the Spiritual Disciplines is the total transformation of a person, it aims at replacing old destructive habits with new life giving habits, to help us to go deeper into God through His Spirit.

This week also sees the start of the weekly prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 6.30am. Some have asked why so early?  We have tried different times over the last couple of years and no time has worked very well for what really is a very important part of the church’s life. By making it early, I really am asking you all to make it a priority to come along and pray for our church, community and the world.  This prayer gathering is going to have a large component of worship, and waiting on the Holy Spirit to lead as with words and prophecies.

As you have probably figured out Greta and I are away this weekend! We are attending the wedding of Dan and Bauklje on D’Urville Island.

Looking forward to seeing you at the prayer meeting.

Yours in Christ


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