The Inside Column 5/02

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A very warm welcome to all visitors this morning, a very special welcome to Bishop Richard and Hilary.

I was reflecting on a few events over the past years and would like to acknowledge Richards support and encouragement both financially and spiritually to the ministry at St Barnabas. It was through his encouragement and support that the we were able to move forward with the development of the music ministry and the support for Phil to develop his ministry within the context of St Barnabas.

The success is due in part to that Episcopal support and encouragement that comes from a visionary Bishop. Vicars think they have it hard leading a church, to develop a vision with the diverse range of personalities and opinions in a parish. For a Bishop leading a Diocese this is magnified a hundredfold. He needs our constant support and prayer. Richards vision for a missional Diocese is a way forward to the future for the revitalising of Anglican mission.

I have been looking at the growth of other Dioceses who have made a deliberate and focused move and cast a powerful vision to be missional. These Dioceses (as would be expected) are growing, developing and are making the church once again relevant to the community it is in.

The Resurgence festival is next weekend.It is a great opportunity to be encouraged and refreshed for the New year. If you haven’t registered yet, I want to strongly encourage you to attend this weekend…even a few of the sessions.

The line up of speakers is outstanding. Actually they will probably pale into insignificance beside the Paellas I am cooking for the dinner on Saturday. So with speakers and Paella how could you not want to come!

Seriously though….this is a Diocesan event and as our Bishop has supported us, we need to support this event which he is sponsoring to bring nourishment to the Diocese


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