The Inside Column 11/12

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Hi Church.

It is amazing how fast this year has passed, and what a year it has been. A year of moving forward and new things.

University has finished now for me and I have completed my Bachelor of Music. Next year is still amiss for me as at the moment I am thinking and praying about what God wants me to do.

This year has been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the internship offered to me by St Barnabas and           Canterbury University.

Heading up the worship team was such a great role, working with such amazing, talented, God loving and fun people! The music wouldn’t be where it is at without each member of our awesome team.

I would also like to thank each one of you. The support of the whole church in making the changes to the sound system and throughout the year has been incredible! To all the staff in the offices. David your support and help and          information has been greatly appreciated and was always a joy hearing you trying to put on your country music in the      office.

Phil, all the advice, scriptural insight and ideas for next year have really helped me through this year and accomplish my role.

Last but not least, Edrick thank you for taking the opportunity of letting this internship be a university first, also thanks  for all your guidance, advice, and supportiveness.

This year has been an amazing year and a very successful one, as it draws to a close I will be trying to find work, but will still be maintaining the worship team and music at St. Barnabas.

Thank you all and big blessings!


Jared Altments

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