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Hi to all,

No doubt you will have heard of the plans to put on a bigger event this Christmas in place of the Carols on the Lawn. The catalyst for this was a very generous donation from one of our parishioners.

There are three main objectives:

· To put on a celebration for the community at Christmas to lift the profile and work of St Barnabas.

· To invite all the youth and families that are involved in House 44 to the church for a party.

· To invite all the rest homes in our community to celebrate Christmas with us.

I have no doubt that there will be many other benefits of putting on this event.

For this event to work we will all need to work together, there are signup sheets in the foyer with many different roles to fill. There will be a team leader who will take overall responsibility for part of the event.

Resources needed:

· Welcoming team: 8 people, led by Stephen Tanner. There will be three entry points on the night and we will be handing  out programmes and making people feel welcome.

· Hot food team: 6-8 people led by Koro Awarangi. We will be providing BBQ food, and Paella.

· Cakes and coffee: 4-6 people led by Anne Egan. Serving Coffee, tea, cakes in the foyer.

· Set up team: 4-6 people (leader required) be there one hour before, help set up

· Clean up team: 6-8 people (leader required) stay at the end and help clean up

· Bouncy Castle: 2 people (leader required) keep children from hurting each other, limit numbers.

We have come up with a name for the event, Shine @ St Barnabas. Posters, flyers and advertising are underway.

Event Details:

4.30pm Set up

5.30pm Open, food ready.

6.00pm Carols led with brass band, bible readings, children’s choir, sermon

7.00pm John Phillips lead songs

7.20pm City of Light band

8.00pm Peasants Band

9.00pm Clean up

I think this is a great opportunity for St Barnabas and I’m excited that we can bless the community in this way at Christmas and all work together.

Yours in Christ


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