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I hope you have all managed to see the fair photos on the website.  It was a superb day.

We have a number of events planned for December. It’s a watch this space exercise as we prepare for a range of church and community events.  I’m really looking forward to the planned community carols and party Shine on Friday 16 December.

The mission focus and witness of this event will, (if we have the same level of commitment and dedication we had for the fair), certainly be a day to remember.

La Vida Quartet played superbly last week at the Foyer @ 4.  The second concert is with Guitarist Miles Jackson, who plays today. Miles will be playing music of South America and Spain from his new CD which is being launched at the concert. The next concert is Black Orpheus, a light jazz duo who play here on 13 November.  While not a large series this year, the popularity of these  concerts is still there. More next year…

While we are thinking about next year and decisions that need to be made, we all know how tough it can be to make the right one sometimes. I pondered a little about decision making in the light of today’s readings and Paul’s conversion. We must often make decisions when God’s will is not clearly known. In times of uncertainty, we must pray fervently the Lord’s hand will direct and guide us in whatever we decide to do. We must pray we will always do what the Lord wants, even when we have no clear message from Him. We must remember God does have a will for us. God does have a design and plan for us to follow.

There are times in our life when we are hammered with frustrations, temptations, and stress tries to corrode our soul. Our desire for making successful decisions must be based upon our desire to please God and Him alone. As we desire to please God and not ourselves, God’s system/economy somehow takes over and works to our advantage.


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