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By the time you read this the fair will have been and gone. I want to thank so much everyone who helped and gave of their time, especially the fair committee, David Featherstone, Marie Dale, Barbara Bird and Anne Eagan, the Guild and all the helpers that worked tirelessly during the past few weeks behind the scenes and on the day to make the fair another resounding success.

I know it’s a lot of work and the fundraising is essential, but another benefit is that we all spend time and share together with a common purpose.

In some ways it reflects what is happening during the 9.45 time together on Sundays.

We are in the planning stages of a community outreach event expanding on the annual Carols on the Lawn. We have been given a significant donation to hold this major community event on the 16th of December. Called Shine at St Barnabas, the event will feature the traditional brass band leading the Christmas carols, live nativity, barbeques bouncing, paellas pumping, desserts and a concert following featuring City of Light (Luke Shaw’s Band) and The Peasants. This is a Christmas celebration and community event you will not want to miss.

As another part of reaching out to the Stoke Community at Christmas there will be a Big Breakfast and a combined service on Sunday the 18th of December. Phil and I are working on the format, time and content. We want to create a combined service that will cater for everyone, not a blended service that can be a bit of a higgeldy piggeldy sequence of unrelated musical and liturgial labyrinthic loadicean layout. We also want to make it an event that we can confidently invite non-churched people to.

We are almost at the end of the E100, and this week we look at the resurrection. We think of this as an Easter theme – but is it really? The resurrection is one of the most attacked doctrines of the church. You may ask “Do you believe in the resurrection?” If that was the extent of your question when hiring a pastor, you could probably mistakenly hire a Jehovah’s Witness! The real question is “Do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ?” because there are a number of different views on the resurrection. The orthodox biblical view is that the physical body was resurrected. This is fundamental to our faith. The liberal view is that someone stole the body. This belief one leads to myriad theories to support the proposition. How can we know the truth about the resurrection?


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