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Good Morning this first day of daylight saving…

Check out the newly launched St Barnabas web site. It is outstanding. A huge amount of time was spent developing it by David’s daughter, Jane Cowdrey. Thank you so much for this amazing effort.

On the site you will find a link to The Peasants Rockquest win and a Video link to “Giants” one of the songs they played for the finals. Clare and I and all the rest of the Peasant parents were there to see their amazing performance and enjoy the success these young people have achieved. All from Garin College, and most of them attend St Barnabas. This is an outstanding achievement to win out over 800 other groups that competed nationwide and then to top the final six. Congratulations to “The Peasants”.

I also took my nieces wedding last Friday. As my family has an Orthodox background, we inserted into the service the Crowning Ceremony, exchange of the common cup and the “Dance of Isaiah”, a dance of joy where the couple are led around the altar three times. Here is a brief description:

The wedding crowns joined by a ribbon are placed on the bride and groom’s head. Ephesians 5:21-32 is read (an unusual passage for weddings) encouraging unconditional love & support of one another. The drinking from a common cup signifies the sharing of a common life together. The circle represents eternal marriage, for a circle has neither a beginning nor an end.

Speaking of Orthodoxy, have you caught up with the Icon style painting of Jesus as a rugby player? Go to: Jesus as an All Black. Don Little painted it after wondering whether rugby had become the new religion in a country that had turned away from the faith. He may be right but not according to Brad Thorn, Fijian captain Deacon Manu, Black fern Doris Taufateau, Scottish prop Euan Murray and others who have shared their testimonies in the Luke’s Gospel “Godzone” published to coincide with the Rugby World Cup.

As the focus of the sermon is on Jesus this week, this is what Brad Thorn said:
“I had money , a car, a house – I thought all these things would make me happy . But once I got there and got all these things, I still felt unfulfilled. I felt empty….. It was only when I put my faith in Jesus that life changed for me.”


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